In Good Spirits


Eat. Drink. Learn.

Wine Tastings, Dinner Parties, Celebrations, Holiday Parties, Social Events, Corporate or Fundraising Functions


At In Good Spirits, we are always on the hunt to bring you fantastic wines and spirits but also ways to contribute to the greater good.


We are passionate about taking your event and tasting experience to a higher standard with delicious, clean, organic, quality wines that are hand-picked on farms by winemakers who are not only giving back but growing grapes and making wine as nature intended. 

We will help you plan your event from theme, invitations, menus to every bottle served.

  Our approach is more hedonistic than technical because we believe that every taste is personal and should feed the soul. That time, that trip, that place.  A taste or a smell can bring you right back to that moment.


Every bottle has a journey and each vineyard has a story to tell; and we share that with you.

Celebrate the Good Stuff... WITH the Good Stuff

Weddings, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Graduations, Special Gift....or just a Friday night with friends.

There is always a reason to celebrate, so why not do it with amazing wine & spirits.

Your guests will love the difference and will know that you care enough about them to serve something exceptional.

Each bottle supports small farms, are sourced from all over the world and are wildly delicious with an authentic sense of place.

A healthy choice for our bodies. For our loved ones. For our planet.

You are not just sharing a bottle, you are sharing a movement.